Machinery Maintenance


Maintenance Of The Machinery

The benefits of pruning for trees are many: contain growth, regulate the development of grafted plants (in fruit or ornamental trees), promote flowering and fruiting, restore vigor to weak or very old trees, remove branches dead or irregular, maintain the shape of the tree, etc.
1.- The maintenance of your lawnmower:

• Observe the oil level. The ideal is to do this every time you go to cut.
• Cleans the blades and the machine in general.
• Lawnmowers with 4-stroke engines (all Hondas are) have a tank for petrol and another for oil. No mixing is done.
• Monitor the sharpness of the blades and sharpen them if necessary. It should not be neglected.
• Check the air filter.
• Change the oil if the stipulated working hours are completed.
• In winter, when it is hardly used, it is convenient to do a general review of the machine.
• If you have to spend a long time without using it, empty the petrol tank, sharpen the blades and grease the equipment with clean oil.

But remember that, first of all, it is essential to read your user manual in detail, as you will find all the necessary information for the correct maintenance of your lawnmower.

2.- How to clean the collector bag of my lawnmower

A lawnmower works in the same way as a vacuum cleaner, it blows air through the bag, which at the same time catches the cut grass.
• Always empty the bag before it fills to capacity. Mower performance will decrease if bag is filled above 90% capacity. In addition, the bag is easier to empty when it is not completely full.
• Inspect the bag for tears, holes or excessive wear. The bag wears out during use and will eventually need to be replaced. Objects struck by the blade may be thrown through a damaged collection bag.
• To clean the bag, it is recommended to wash with a jet of water directed from the outside towards the inside.
• The bag must be completely dry before you use it again or it will clog quickly.
• Steam or high pressure washing will damage the bag.

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